Do familiarise yourself with the term and condition on the site before using the platform to post your Ads, paying attention to all aspects that needs to be adhered to in order to be a valued customer.

Tips for having good ads

Take good quality and accurate photographs

Good quality photographs will help your product stand out even if your advert is competing with several similar other ads. Hence the importance of clarity and accuracy, even slight defects and imperfections should be visible at a glance.This also reduces the eventuality of disappointing the buyer upon collecting or receiving your product after purchase.

Price your product a notch higher if possible

This would cover possibilities of buyers haggling for a lower price and you could be seen to be flexible and accommodating, drawing favorable ratings from buyers as a result.

Offer different options for collection or delivery

Giving the buyer a choice of several parcel delivery options and even face to face inspection of the product and personal collection of the product generally scores very high with most buyers and consequently drawing favorable ratings to you as a seller.

Give detailed specifications in items description

This helps potential buyers to find your product and secure a sale because a quick description might not be attractive to buyers looking for products with particular specifications such as make, model, dimensions, brand new or second hand etc.

Tips for your ads scoring big with both search engines and shoppers:

Be selective and avoid using too many keywords when choosing a title for your ad

Most search engines such as google are optimised to focus on titles hence retailers tend to use several keywords which would help them attract as many searches’ results as possible, including external searches which are not platform specific.

SEO (search engine optimisation) favour creativity – Make your listing personal

Although it may seem easier and tempting to reuse titles and descriptions for similar products, an increased ranking boost is more likely obtain by using creativity in presenting and describing your products.

Research similar products

Researching how much similar products have sold for or the kind of product titles, descriptions and images in their listings can give a good indication of what need to be captured to achieve a good quality advert. However, the advertiser ought to desist for “copying and pasting” material from other ads to avoid copyrights infringement issues as specified in the Ts & Cs of Use of this platform.

A picture speaks a thousand words – Use your own photos

The use of clear and good quality images is as good, if not better than a great description of a product, in attracting the interest of or convincing a potential buyer to trust a product or make a purchase.

Sunday shopping boost

Online shopping traffic tends to increase considerably at weekends particularly on Sundays when people have time to browse the internet away from work and school. This information ought to be taken into consideration when deciding to post an ad in order to achieve a greater impact.

Use common acronyms and abbreviations

Using common acronyms and abbreviations helps sticking to character counts when applicable as well as offering a concise and succinct description to customers aiming glancing through search results.
Common terms include (not exhaustively):
BIN: buy it now
BN: brand new
BNIB: brand new in box
BNWT: brand new with tags
HTF: hard to find
NWOB: new without box
NWOT: new without tags
VGC: very good condition
VTG: vintage

Your rating as a seller

Buyers’ ratings indicate the trustworthiness of sellers. Best ratings are achieved when sellers satisfy their customers by providing every necessary details of a particular product, providing fast and consistent communication (with the buyer) and providing fast shipping.